About US
Ratchata Engineering and Service Co., Ltd. is a 100% Thai owned company established in 2001 by a group of Thai engineers in field M&E and air-conditioning (HVAC), aiming to become a leading HVAC Environment and Energy management company with innovative technology, Top quality product and services in the Thai air-conditioning industries and HVAC contracting business RESC as a Thai entrepreneur has grown firmly in reputation as a reliable and cooperative supplier and Engineering contractor serving a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses. These include the industries of Micro Electronics, Pharmacy, and Refinery, Hospital, Department stores, Hotel and Structure Project

Our key to success is simple and straight forward, customer satisfaction leads to long lasting business relation and an untainted reputation among world class customer.
Mission : Our mission is to be the market leader in the filtration industry by being an innovative, proactive, technically supportive supplier of quality products that are of true value to our customers. Our products will be manufactured in an environment conducive to the safety of our employees and with performance designed for the benefit of our environment.

Vision : Ratchata Engineering is committed to providing innovative solutions that improve indoor air quality for all. Our Vision is to be the world leader in performance HVAC filtration, performance paint filtration. This will be accomplished by becoming the supplier of choice, the employer of top industry talent and by requesting a fair profit for the value we create

Policy on Quality : Quality is RESC’s greatest competitive advantage. In order to guarantee each product achieved the qualified standard, a formulation of the complete quality management program was made during the product development and production processes, from the purchasing of the raw material to the final packing, they required to undergo a rigorous 10 stages of quality testing and screening processes. Each procedure is being strictly conducted. Therefore, no matter who you are or where you come from, you will be satisfied with the RESC product!
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